The craft of brewing a beer is as simple or as complex as the brewer wants it to be. For many brewers the art of brewing is simple: throw a proven mix of ingredients together, make sure your fermenter is sufficiently sanitary, add yeast, and wait. The end product is never in doubt, and anyone with even a modicum of cleaning ability will know exactly what they’ll end up with.

For some of brewers, though, brewing is equal parts culinary artistry, roughneck mechanical tinkering, creative invention, and in-depth microbiological science. Those brewers? They’re the target demographic for Basement Brew Lab.

If you’ve ever had questions about the chemical or microbiological aspects of beer brewing browse the Technical Library. You’ll find everything from species explanations, to wort chemistry, to explanations on techniques to isolate your own brewing critters.  If you’re looking for all-grain brewing recipes you can find them in the Brewing Recipe library.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, and if you’re wondering what sort of claim to expertise I hold feel free to browse the About section.

In the end I hope you leave having learned something.